Limited Lifetime Warranty - What does it cover?
Details here

Are Khyber Racks suitable for off road use?
Absolutely. What good is a mountain bike rack that isn't?  

What kind of hitches are compatible?
All our racks require a Class III 2" hitch. 

How much do the racks weigh?
Strong and Heavy. But how heavy? Details here

Are Khyber Racks rust proof?
Serious corrosion resistance explained here 

Can I carry kids or BMX bikes?
While 20" bikes can be carried in the rack reasonably well, the fork leg will rest on the basket so we recommend using some protection to prevent damage to the fork. The depth of the wheel baskets don't accommodate wheels smaller than 20". We will be making our adapter to suit 20" available as soon as possible. We hope to have it available in the middle of the year. 

What about road bikes, fat bikes and e-bikes?
Our world revolves around mountain bikes, but yours doesn't have to. Our rack is optimized for mountain bikes, but both of our baskets accept and secure Road Bike tires. The standard basket also accepts up to 29"x2.8" Plus tires, while the alternative Fat Bike basket will accept up to a 5" tire. 

Please note: although the baskets accept road tires, it may be difficult to load a bike in the basket to the immediate right without the drop bars interfering. In a pinch, you could loosen the stem and turn the bars if you need to fill your rack with road bikes. 

E-bikes and 2002 V10's with Monster T's are approved. Any bike that weighs less than 24kg or 53lbs and fits inside the wheel basket properly is good to go.

Can I put the rack on the back of an RV or travel trailer?
Using the rack on the back of RV's and travel trailers is approved for on-road use only. The dynamic forces that may result from running a loaded rack on the back of an RV or travel trailer are very unpredictable. Doing so off-road is at your own risk and voids the warranty. 

How much clearance for my rear door is there when the V1 Multi Pivot rack is in the full layback position?
Click to view the diagram