Taking its name from Khyber Pass in the Whistler backcountry, Khyber Racks were designed in Whistler and tested in the mountains of British Columbia.

The wet coastal environment of the Sea to Sky corridor where we ride is tough on steel. Solving the corrosion issue was a top priority. We achieved this by using stainless steel for the mast and wheel holders, and aluminum for the rest of the frame. All hardware is also stainless steel.

The most important job of a rack is to make sure your bikes arrive when you do. After snapped bungee cords, fiddly buckles, cracked ratchets and several ejected bikes, we had to come up with something new that was both fast and secure. So we developed SpeedLock

Since we take our bikes up mountain roads repeatedly, we approached our racks the way that makes sense to us. So we built a rack that sets a new standard for strength and durability that will perform for the length of the warranty; lifetime.

Scratches on your bike should tell a story about your rides, not about your friend’s brake levers and pedal pins, and certainly not about your rack. We took “nothing but rubber” seriously to make sure your bike arrives at the top of the mountain in the same condition it was at the bottom.

We now have a rack that we are stoked to hang our bikes from, and we are sure you'll feel the same. 

Khyber Racks was founded by Jaan Hurditch (Mechanical Engineer) and Mark Haimes (CAD Tech) who met at a DH race in 2002 and still shuttle their bikes up mountains to ride back down faster than they should.