Fat Bike Compatibility

Compatibility with Fat Bikes requires optional baskets. 

The optional Fat Basket is compatible with 5" tires, all the way down to road bike tires.  
(Our standard baskets accept up to 29"x2.8" Plus tires)


Substituting baskets when purchasing a new rack

When purchasing a new rack, you may substitute one or more Standard Baskets with a Fat Basket for $25 per basket. To substitute baskets on your current order...

Click Fat Basket Substitution 


Purchasing extra baskets for seasonal use

Alternatively you may purchase Fat Baskets for a rack you purchased before you knew you could ride your bike where only skis used to travel.  This is only available to original purchasers, so please Contact Us 


Why not just make one basket to rule them all?

The Standard Basket is lighter, more streamlined, and costs less to produce. So we make the Standard Basket for riders who will never know the pleasure of riding a bike in temperatures cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.