All Khyber Racks use our patent pending SpeedLock™ Tie Down System

Khyber Racks SpeedLock Tie Down

 Shuttle days just got a whole lot more efficient

Khyber SpeedLock

Khyber SpeedLock Rear

SpeedLock doesn't rely on knots to adjust the length and tension of the rope. It adapts to any tire size instantly, from road tires to plus tires (even fat bike tires with the fat basket option). 

Simply loop the rope through three of the specially shaped slots. To release, pull the rope firmly on the free end and it 'unzips' in one motion.

We use readily available 6mm static climbing rope. It doesn't stretch or snap like bungee cord, crack and break like rubber straps, or scratch like hard plastic ratchets. Both front and rear wheels are held with ultimate security.

Total confidence that your bikes arrive when you do

Watch a Khyber Rack keep bikes stable and secure, thanks to our proprietary hitch stabilization solution, and our stretch free tie-downs.