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Khyber Racks
John-Paul Dau
This rack will survive a nuclear strike.

This rack is as solid as they come. I expect the rack to outlive me despite the abuse it takes travelling fully loaded on numerous trips up and down rugged fire roads.
We have carried all sorts of shapes and sizes of bikes without any rubbing issues. The bikes always arrive in the same condition that I loaded them.

Khyber Racks
Teresa Wood

The Khyber rack will hold just about any kind of bike and wheel size from 29in to 20in whether it has a front shock or not. The build is first-class and is engineered to last a long time. Built with extra heavy wall custom extruded stainless steel tubing and plated stainless steel wheel hoops to keep it looking new and rust free virtually forever. That's why we chose to go with the Khyber rack over other brands. This rack is worth the money and looks great on our vehicle as well!

Incredibly built rack - I will have this for life!

Fantastic quality and incredible customer service regarding this Khyber Rack. Amazing for hauling multiple bikes safely and securely. My only feedback would be to include more bolt holes to adjust height for vehicles with a high Trailer hitch. After adjusting it to the lowest setting, I could still stand to have it a few inches lower. More than enough adjustments for vehicles with low hitches, but mine is quite high and I could use one more setting. Other than that, its perfect!

Khyber Racks
Derek Bird
Toughest & slickest rack on the market

Very well thought out and engineered

Khyber Racks
Ryan Edwards
Best rack ever

There is not a single thing I would change on the rack. They are bomber, we love it.

Khyber Racks
Tony Gatti
The best rack on the market by a long shot!

I’ve had my Khyber Rack for about 6 months and very impressed at how well it has handled the harsh elements. The materials used are top of the line and the rack itself is stunning looking. It’s very easy to load, and once loaded the bikes aren’t going anywhere besides the trails!

Khyber Racks
Chris Carrier
This Rack Rules

This rack finally convinced me to abandon tailgate shuttling. Sturdy and strong, no bike contact, and the tie down system is brilliant. No fumbling with knots and no bungee cords to stretch and fatigue in the sun. Plus the anodized and stainless parts are a thing of beauty. Also almost every moving part on this beast sits on replaceable bushings or sliders, meaning it will be easy to keep it going for years.

Yes it is expensive, and yes it is heavy. However with $40k+ hanging off my hitch with a loaded rack, I want to be sure that I can rely on this equipment. Knowing what the designers have put this rack through, I am confident I can rely on this rack.

Khyber Racks
Kristian Manietta
Love my Khyber Rack

We have the 6 bike rack on our Taco. No more wrestling getting bikes on or off, zero bike contact, the SpeedLock system is simple genius, and no more fork or bike damage. I can also fit our gravel bikes and I love that the rack is built to last.
If you look at the bikes we all ride, the investment makes sense. It's a rad rack and looks great too.


I’m so stoked with the purchase of my 6 pack Khyber Rack!! It’s super burly and I know it’s been tortured tested so I don’t have to worry about my bike when it’s hanging out while I’ve got my back turned. The attention to detail and longevity is immediately noticeable upon delivery and setup. This will be the last rack I buy unless I need to downgrade to a 4 pack Khyber Rack. Topping off my purchase experience was the great customer service I received. Mark was exceptionally helpful with the setup and assembly process over and above personally delivering it to Revelstoke for me.
If you LOVE your bike this rack is a No-Brainer, and you bike will love you back!! If you just LIKE your bike there’s lots of other choices out there, but your bike will know your true feelings, and your bike NEVER forgets…

Khyber Racks
Amazing rack; excellent customer services

I have the 6 bikes rack on my Sprinter Van. Really, it is the best rack to shuttle. It is robust and great looking.

Thanks to Mark for the follow up!

Khyber Racks
Tristan J

The design, material quality, and functionality make this the best bike rack we have owned. It is built to last which means we won’t have to buy another one due to rust , and it’s large enough to accommodate up to 6 bikes.

Khyber Racks
Greg Day
Best bike rack out there

I have had bikes fall off previous bike racks of mine. This is devastating to any cyclist. This is why I decided to invest into a strong, well built rack. After about a month of use, and driving over the Hurley FSR full gas, I can say that your bike is not going anywhere, and also not going to touch any other bike that is on the rack. I am beyond stoked with my Khyber Rack!

I love this thing

I had a Recon Rack previously and lost a couple bikes due to the significant motion/retention system. Yours is bombproof, and I now don't worry about my bikes. Yours is beautifully constructed and looks great on my rig. I am recommending it to all my buddies.

Khyber Racks
Rommell M
The Khyber rack is the best vertical bike rack I've ever owned.

Having owned the rack for month, I'm really impressed with the tie down system. I've gone on some pretty sketchy roads and it keeps the bikes nice and secure. The number of comments I receive about this rack attest to the workmanship, the creativity, and the construction. There are times after my ride that I see riders gathered around my truck, checking out my Khyber Rack.

When I was in the market to replace my existing bike rack, it had to meet the following criteria, which the Khyber does with ease:
1. Wheel baskets. I didn't want a rack to have any frame or fork contact and having baskets makes it easy to load/unload. Ample spacing between bikes so they are not being rubs together when in use.
2. Carries both mountain and road bikes. This is a huge plus for me.
3. Durable and Secure. Having confidence and knowing your bikes (investments) are safe when transporting.

I highly recommend Khyber Racks over any other racks on the market. I've owned various types and experienced others as well.

Khyber Racks
Matt Boltz
My Khyber Rack has been awesome

Zero contact on the bike, built tough for bumpy roads and looks great. I also love the fact they provide lifetime warranty on the racks.